1.000.000 AEROSOLS


On Friday, September 25, Elysée in France produced more than one million aerosols in one day for the first time. To be more precise: 1,009,236 cans in 3 shifts, including 52,600 deodorants in one shift alone on the new line J for the first time.
There are now 14 lines running in Forbach, which will produce more than 190 million aerosols this year. Elysée is also feeling the effects of inflation – in a positive sense! The gap between national brands has widened and many customers have switched their purchases to private labels. Almost all supermarket chains are now supplied with Elysée aerosols and production has been increased by 30%.

„We have tripled production in the last ten years,“ says Ramdane Mansoura, Managing Director. However, this is also a point that has presented our subsidiary with a number of challenges: Supply problems (for example of aluminum, gas and alcohol), staff shortages (currently no night shift can be run on four lines) and space problems. „We’re running out of space,“ Ramdane confides. „If this growth continues, we will have to expand. We already have architectural plans.“

Fortunately, the team spirit is great! There were already difficulties 15 years ago and it was clear back then that you can do anything if you stick together. „The problems of the past have united us. Today we stand together, we have a family atmosphere,“ says Valérie, who has worked at Elysée since the company was founded in 1995.

Picture: Françoise, Danielle and Valérie, three long-standing employees. „We are a family.“

The event will be celebrated at Elysée süß. We congratulate everyone involved from the bottom of our hearts and are very proud of you and this success!